Valentines Day for Moms

Candy Conversation Hearts for Valentine's Day

Dearest Husband,

It’s February!!! Do you know what that means?! Valentines Day. The one day out of the year where the pressure from society put on you to deliver is equivalent to the pressure of a crowning baby during labor. If you’re like a majority of men, I’m sure it’s the day or two before Valentines Day and you’re suddenly hit with the realization you haven’t gotten me anything. Or if you have, maybe you’re freaking because you feel like you haven’t gotten me enough. Instead of running out to the store for some insanely overpriced flowers, please let me help make your job easier for you.

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Someone’s gotta lose.

My daughter is 4 years old, and has recently become obsessed with all things winning. Everything is a competition — first to walk in the door, first to use the bathroom, fastest person to clean up the toys, winning Shoots and Ladders, Candyland or her new favorite, Twister.

I love her strong willed personality, her constant striving to be the best. I want to encourage her to never give up.

But do I let her win everything? Hell no. Do I care that she’s throwing herself on the kitchen floor screaming because I walked in the door first? No. Ain’t nobody got time for that nonsense.

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6 Tips to Achieving the Birth You Want


When we get pregnant, or even before, a lot of us have this idea of what our labor and delivery will look like. At least, I know I did. It probably includes calming music, a supportive spouse, deep breathing, pain under control by yourself or an epidural (thank you, modern day medicine), a few pushes and a beautiful baby is born.

Sometimes it goes exactly like we want. Other times, it doesn’t.

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It’s Okay to be Okay

Parenting is hard. We all do our best. Some days, we clean the house, do crafts with the kids, go to the park and make a meal from scratch. Others, our best may mean putting our kids in front of the TV while we sit in the bedroom and cry.
We all deserve a trophy for what we do, and a reminder that it’s okay to be okay. 👌🏻

My friend taught me that, and I wanted to show her some love back. So I sent her this.

#worldsokayestmom #bitsobaconblog

Maybe we should send more trophies to each other for being a hot mess mom, a working mother, a stay at home dad, for keeping your kids alive another day, or for just being an overall kick-ass person.