Braving the Beach with Kids: Short and Sweet Tips

First beach trip of the season for us was a huge success!
To those of y’all hitting up the beach this summer, here’s a few things we’ve learned over the years. I’m just going to keep it simple here.

Tips and Tricks for Beach Trips

• Baby Powder. It gets sand off of the skin so easily! Poof that stuff on your kids, and bye bye sand. I prefer sensitive skin powder, but that’s just me.
• Leave a jug of water in the car. If you don’t have access to a shower, use it to rinse off before getting in the car! Cause tired kids + sand in their cracks = no fun for anyone. lol
• Extra towels. Leave them in the car, so you have clean, sand free towels after you clean up.
• Sunscreen. I mean this one should be an obvious. Reapply often; like every 20 minutes, and always after they get wet.

• Baby pool. If you’re going to stay a while, bring a baby pool! It’s a great way to keep the little ones cool on rough water days.
• Spray bottle with water. Mist away, friends. It gets hot out there.
• Shade. Duh. The higher the UV protection, the better.
• Fitted sheet. Bring a fitted sheet, and shove large items in the corner. It makes a little wall, and should help encourage the toddlers not to stomp wet, sandy feet all over where you’re laying.

• Ziplock bags. I use them for everything; extra clothes, snacks go in them, extra ones for the wet bathing suits, etc. 
• The obvious. Snacks, towels, water, sand toys, floaty toys, beer, and more beer. Maybe some liquor? Whatever floats your boat. 
And one of the most important things:
• CHILL OUT!! A little sand never hurt anyone. I’m pretty sure Pierce ate 5 handfuls yesterday. Haha. K stomped all over my towel. We had sand in every crack and crevice imaginable. Sand isn’t the enemy, y’all. It’s your friend 😜

Let them be little, be safe and have fun!


6 Tips to Achieving the Birth You Want


When we get pregnant, or even before, a lot of us have this idea of what our labor and delivery will look like. At least, I know I did. It probably includes calming music, a supportive spouse, deep breathing, pain under control by yourself or an epidural (thank you, modern day medicine), a few pushes and a beautiful baby is born.

Sometimes it goes exactly like we want. Other times, it doesn’t.

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Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair

image1 (1)

As parents, we’re inundated with baby gear from the get go; most of the products are large, taking up a ton of space and only used for a short time frame. Half of them we barely use and end up wondering why the heck we purchased them in the first place.

Well friends, let me tell y’all about something I just discovered thanks to a large (online) group of friends of mine: the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair. To say I’m in love is an understatement, and I want to share that love with you!

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