I turned 29 on May 5th! Whoop whoop. And Ken surprised me with an overnight trip to Myrtle Beach sans kids; it was frickin’ glorious. 

We packed up this morning, and I took a basic bitch mirror picture on the way out. πŸ˜‚

I almost didn’t share it, because it shows Teddy, and I’m 29 with a security object from childhood. But ya know what? I decided to say fuck it and share anyways.

He was there when both my kids were born, on all our trips, on weekend sleepovers with friends, through my awkward middle school years, cruises with my family, during awful hangovers in college.

When did we become so concerned about our kids and them having security objects for too long? Is this a new thing? I mean, I get being worried about pacifier use/bottle use for the teeth reason. But I don’t ever remember my parents saying I needed to give Teddy away, or not letting me take him places (and yes, he’s a he 😜). Or them being concerned I wouldn’t be well adjusted if I relied on an object for security. 

I never intended for it to, but this picture reminds me not to overthink things. To just let my kids be.

New life mantra: Whatever’s Clever. 

Happy Sunday, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Teddy

  1. Hey Amanda!
    I follow your blog and Facebook page. I just want to say you are doing such a great job at being a relatable mother and showing the ugly truth of motherhood. You first were brought to my attention when your F’ing PEANUT BUTTER video went viral. K is so adorable might I add. And when you posted the “diaper” picture- I started to flick through your pictures and have became literally obsessed with your posts. Your blog is great too. I just wanted to say Keep on Keepin’ on Girl! Because you definitely have some talent going on here with the blogging and you have a perfect little family that as you can see- everyone likes to stalk and see what crazy shit y’all are up to! So ill end this creepy stalker ish post with a Good Job! And don’t ever stop doing what your doing! – Lauren πŸ’˜


  2. Oh and I forgot to add that you should NEVER be ashamed of Teddy!!! I wish I had a keepsake from childhood like that!!


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