Braving the Beach with Kids: Short and Sweet Tips

First beach trip of the season for us was a huge success!
To those of y’all hitting up the beach this summer, here’s a few things we’ve learned over the years. I’m just going to keep it simple here.

Tips and Tricks for Beach Trips

• Baby Powder. It gets sand off of the skin so easily! Poof that stuff on your kids, and bye bye sand. I prefer sensitive skin powder, but that’s just me.
• Leave a jug of water in the car. If you don’t have access to a shower, use it to rinse off before getting in the car! Cause tired kids + sand in their cracks = no fun for anyone. lol
• Extra towels. Leave them in the car, so you have clean, sand free towels after you clean up.
• Sunscreen. I mean this one should be an obvious. Reapply often; like every 20 minutes, and always after they get wet.

• Baby pool. If you’re going to stay a while, bring a baby pool! It’s a great way to keep the little ones cool on rough water days.
• Spray bottle with water. Mist away, friends. It gets hot out there.
• Shade. Duh. The higher the UV protection, the better.
• Fitted sheet. Bring a fitted sheet, and shove large items in the corner. It makes a little wall, and should help encourage the toddlers not to stomp wet, sandy feet all over where you’re laying.

• Ziplock bags. I use them for everything; extra clothes, snacks go in them, extra ones for the wet bathing suits, etc. 
• The obvious. Snacks, towels, water, sand toys, floaty toys, beer, and more beer. Maybe some liquor? Whatever floats your boat. 
And one of the most important things:
• CHILL OUT!! A little sand never hurt anyone. I’m pretty sure Pierce ate 5 handfuls yesterday. Haha. K stomped all over my towel. We had sand in every crack and crevice imaginable. Sand isn’t the enemy, y’all. It’s your friend 😜

Let them be little, be safe and have fun!


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