Camping and Bambo Nature Diapers

Did I tell y’all we’re going camping over Labor Day weekend? I am so excited!!

Every year we head to Boone, North Carolina for a camping adventure in the Appalachian Mountains. Ken (my fiance) and I went to college in Boone, so for us it’s a really sentimental trip; we hike our old trails, visit our old restaurants, creepily drive past our old apartment at least 10 times and reminisce. Hah!

Speaking of reminiscing, I took a stroll down memory lane earlier today and man have our camping shenanigans changed over the years. We’ve gone from getting excited about who can do the longest keg stand to who gets to ride the ride with our daughter.

Before kiddos.

First year camping with Kaelyn
Agh! Those little baby leggings are too much!

Camping shenanigans last year
Hey girl heyyyyy

It’s a trip we look forward to each year. This year, however, will be our first year bringing two kids and our first year bringing an infant.

I’ve gone over the weekend in my head over and over and over again. Thankfully taking care of an infant while camping should be fairly easy, right?  I can wear him in my Tula during hikes, nurse him easily when he’s hungry – throw in some diaper changes and that’s it! I’m over here pumping myself up with self affirmations and dancing to my 90’s pop while I’m packing, you know, to keep from freaking out. haha. I keep telling myself that the only thing I’ve got to be nervous about is the nighttime; how is it going to be sleeping in a tent with a 4 year old and a 3 month old who wakes up very frequently?

Will Kaelyn sleep well? Will she wake up every time Pierce cries? How the hell is co-sleeping on an air-mattress going to go? What if Pierce has a less than ideal night and wakes up 6+ times – how will that effect Kaelyn? SO MANY NIGHT TIME QUESTIONS!!! Gahhhh.

There is one thing I’m thankfully not concerned about; middle of the night diapers changes. You’d think this would be one of my top concerns, right? Given we’ll be in a dark tent in the woods, on air-mattresses with nothing but a lantern to offer light and no changing table.

image2 (4)

This is where Bambo Nature Diapers come in. Have you guys ever tried these magical diapers? I was so very fortunate to be able to try out some for Pierce and now that I have, I honestly have zero intentions of using anything else.

image1 (4)

I’m not worried about changing Pierce’s diaper in the middle of the night while camping because frankly, unless he has a blowout, I won’t be changing his diaper. Bambo Nature diapers are the only diapers I feel comfortable leaving on Pierce’s precious skin all night long. And that says a lot considering the awful diaper rash he suffered from when he was a month old; I get cold sweats just thinking about it again. Bambo Nature diapers are guaranteed skin friendly and made with no perfumes, no allergens and no dangerous chemicals.

When I first opened the package and felt the diapers, they felt like butter they were so soft. I’d honestly never felt a diaper this soft; it seemed too good to be true, there had to be some drawback. Maybe it’s less absorbent? After a month of using Bambo Nature diapers I can happily say it’s softness does not detract from it’s absorbency. In fact, these diapers are much more absorbent than the other big name diapers we were using previously. I’ve done a few trials runs with Pierce wearing a Bambo Nature Diaper vs. another brand all night long. And it never fails – he always leaks through the other brands, mainly at the top since Pierce is a belly sleeper. Not once has he leaked through a Bambo Nature Diaper. The side panels are super flexible, so pulling them tight around P’s hips is easy. High five for less accidents and less laundry!!

This comparison of Bambo Nature Diaper vs. a leading brand just speaks for itself. You can even see how soft the fabric is. In the leading brand, I wasn’t even able to smooth the diaper out for a picture it was so stiff.  You can also easily see the difference in the side panels.

Bambo Nature
image4 (1)
Other brand
image3 (4)

His happy little face says it all.


To learn more about Bambo Nature Diapers, their products, their mission to keep our earth clean and where to buy them, click here. Seriously. Do it. Your babies bum won’t be disappointed.

I hope all of y’all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and make some fun family memories!

I’ll also be sure to let everyone know how camping with a 3 month old and 4 year old goes. You know, if I survive the weekend or alcohol induced coma from the stress of it all. Just kidding… Kinda.

Now back to packing I go!



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