Project Motherhood Uncensored

An honest look at pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum life, childrearing and everything in-between.


…Gender disappointment, postpartum bleeding, postpartum diapers and pads, first poop after birth, attachment and your new little, VBAC’s, the positive and downside to breastfeeding, loneliness of motherhood, mom guilt… The list is endless.

This is my attempt to help my friends feel comfortable with themselves, their body, their decisions and journey into (and throughout!) motherhood. And to try and keep y’all laughing the entire time. No topic is off limits, and is written by me; an open, hot mess mama who is riding the motherhood struggle bus right there beside ya. 

I hope you guys stay tuned! It should be a fun time. And if you have anything you’d love to read or think should be discussed, lemme hear it. Head over to my contact page and shoot me an email, por favor 🙂







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