Morning thoughts on Motherhood

Good afternoo – er… Morning. Good Morning.

Hell, I’m so tired I don’t even know what time of day it technically is. (I can thank Pierce and his epic fight against gas last night for that one.)

Motherhood. It isn’t the highlight reel that surrounds us on social media; pictures of homemade cookies, adorable crafts, perfectly angled selfies, cute picnics with perfectly matching picnic blankets + clothes and smiles all around.

It’s cross eyed delirium, can grease a pan with your hair, surviving off of coffee, touched out by 10:00am, facial imperfections the size of Texas, and constantly being covered in every bodily function imaginable. Mixed with adorable coos, squishy cheeks, eyes that make you wanna melt and a fuller heart than you could imagine. A pretty fair trade off, right?
The happy.

The difficult. 

The hot mess.

The seemingly perfect.

The everyday.

This is Motherhood. Embrace the crazy. And enjoy the ride, my friends!


2 thoughts on “Morning thoughts on Motherhood

  1. Thanks to all your blogs and brilliant, funny captions of your beautiful family. Keep them coming. They keep me smiling through the trials of my first 9 week baby by you keeping it real 😊


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