Mom’n Through a Lense – Amanda Lemke


My first guest post! Whoop whoop. I couldn’t be more thrilled to share this with y’all.

Amanda Lemke
 is my amazing friend and author, and wrote this awesome post that I think we all can relate to, and take a little something away from.


Mom’n Through a Lens
Amanda Lemke

Scrolling through my album on the iPhone I HAD to have for its storage capacity, I was struck by this image, or, I should say, these images. What the freak am I doing taking 12 bajillion of the same picture? What’s my other kid doing while I’m taking 12 bajillion of the same picture?


I’ll tell you what I’m doing, and I’m guessing I’m not the only one. It’s obvious. I’m trying for the perfect shot, of my perfect baby, looking perfectly happy. You know, because that’s real life, or at least, the life I’d like to portray.

Why? Because if I have a perfectly smiling baby, he MUST be so happy and so healthy, and I MUST be doing a fantastic job at this motherhood thing. Or at least, that’s how it will look when I click ‘upload.’ Score!

In reality, I’m angling the camera away from the pile of Legos I’ve asked the four-year-old to clean up 10 times, and certainly away from the spit-up dripping down my shirt, and ABSOLUTELY away from the pile of dishes in the sink with unidentifiable food starting to grow wings.

Nope, none of that exists if I get a picture perfect shot of the human I grew, giving me indisputable evidence of my rockstar-ness.

I’m done, all. From here one out, I’m pledging to take one photo to capture whatever memory or moment I was aiming to catch, and moving on to life, not life through a lens. Who’s with me?

Because I’m still a rockstar mom, even if this is the photo I share with the world, and so are you.



Amanda is a special education teacher by day, and a writer by the light of her laptop by night. FOX DE LUXE is Amanda Lemke’s debut novel, inspired by her love of Chicago, mysteries, and family history.  Day or night, she is a wife and mother to two little boys!


4 thoughts on “Mom’n Through a Lense – Amanda Lemke

  1. Love it!! I love each of the pictures because while they may look similar, each holds a different expression & they are all adorable!! Hugs!! πŸ¦„


  2. I’m completely guilty!! I have the same perfectly angled pics, that hide all the messes of my life and only show the happy, perfect part. I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one!! Awesome post! πŸ¦„πŸ˜˜


  3. As a grandma I am just as guilty! If you scroll through my phone gallery you will see multiple photos of babies and dogs. All the same baby, all the same dog. Throw in a smattering of selfies and you can understand why I have over 2000 photos and storage issues.
    My favorite discovery was if you are taking photos of a baby or a puppy for that matter, any fast, unpredictable object really, put your cell phone camera on video mode, start the video and take individual photos while the video is going. Doing so cuts waaaay down on the amount of blurry photos that you have to delete or let them clog up your storage space.
    Love the post!


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