Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair

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As parents, we’re inundated with baby gear from the get go; most of the products are large, taking up a ton of space and only used for a short time frame. Half of them we barely use and end up wondering why the heck we purchased them in the first place.

Well friends, let me tell y’all about something I just discovered thanks to a large (online) group of friends of mine: the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair. To say I’m in love is an understatement, and I want to share that love with you!

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5 things I love about the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair

  1. Easy to Assemble + Clean

    After you put this sucker together, you won’t feel like you’ve completed a marathon or like you need a bottle of wine to celebrate. It’s so easy! Just click a few pieces together and BOOM! Done! I did it without even looking at the instructions The seat pad is removable and machine washable; super easy to whip in the washer overnight while the kids are sleeping.

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  2. Age/Weight limit

    There is NO age limit specified! That’s right. Fisher-Price’s website specifies that it can be used safely with a child who is able to hold their head up unassisted and who is not able to climb out or walk. And the weight limit is 25lbs. Which brings me to the next topic…

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  3. Comfortable and Supportive

    I had a Bumbo when Kaelyn was younger. I wasn’t able to use it until she was older because of how low the back came up on her; she was always tipping over. Well, the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair goes up higher on their backs, so there is plenty of support! Pierce is barely 8 weeks old and look at him go! The leg holes are wider, too. Which means longer, more comfortable use! I remember with Kaelyn her dang legs always got stuck in the Bumbo; it was like a fight just to get her out. That doesn’t seem like a problem we’ll encounter with this chair as Pierce grows up.


  4. Folds Flat for Travel/Storage

    I don’t think I need to explain this one further. High five for no more bulky kid crap around the house and a great travel chair!

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  5. Cute Designs + Linkable Toys

    The frog chair is cute. A little too cutesy for my liking, as I tend to gravitate towards more simple colors/designs even in baby toys. But that’s seriously the only thing I don’t love about this chair, and I can easily live with it. The linkable toys that come with it are standard; the butterfly crinkles, and will be nice when Pierce is older. I’ll probably end up hooking Mortimer the Moose up on it eventually.


Overall, we already love this chair! It’s been a game changer for us since Pierce likes to sit upright but isn’t strong enough to do so on his own. For only $35.00 on Amazon, I’m pretty stoked with this purchase and seriously recommend y’all trying it out!

There’s more designs available on Amazon! Here they are 🙂

To buy the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up chair online, check out the links below:







5 thoughts on “Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Chair

  1. Thank you!!!! My youngest fell from the kitchen counter when super young while mother in law was ‘watching her’ and I was not looking forward to using it again with my next kiddo. Thanks for posting a great alternative!


  2. after your review i bought the same chair. Youre son looked so cute in it!! You have beautiful children by the way 🙂 i was wondering… My son is 10 weeks old and i decided it was time to try the chair but… His head is not suported at all… How did you get your beautiful boy so low in the chair? My sons shoulders are already above the Edge.

    Ps excuse my english… I’m from holland so i hope i make a little sense haha


  3. After reading your review too, I also bought the giraffe version for my 3 month old and he loves it. The back helps support my baby’s neck when he is tired so Happy Days. So easy to assemble and to be kept clean….just pop it in the washing machine. Thank you from me and Baby Oliver x


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