The Fourth Trimester


The fourth trimester, my friends. The fourth trimester.

Are you guys familiar with it? When babies are born they are incredibly ill prepared for life outside of their mothers womb. Some people theorize that due humans having a larger head, babies are born three months prematurely, developmental wise. The fourth trimester is basically those three months that the baby should be in utero. Some babies seem to have an easier transition to life outside the womb; Kaelyn was one of them. She slept anywhere, didn’t need to be swaddled, wasn’t too picky about the room temperature, etc. I honestly struggled to understand why moms of newborns said they couldn’t get anything done. It didn’t make sense to me. But I honestly didn’t know she was easier until sweet baby Pierce arrived.


Pierce won’t sleep unless I’m holding him. He only enjoys being put down if he’s extremely well rested, so most of the time we baby wear. He’s very sensitive about room temperature and definitely lets you know if he’s too hot or cold. By the way he screams you’d think diaper changes were the absolute worst thing, ever! He sleeps swaddled tightly, and in bed with Ken and I. If you walked in my room at night, you’d think you were in the sitting outside by the beach our white noise machine is so loud. And my floors are way more clean than they’ve ever been. All of these things we do are to help make him (and lets be real, us) comfortable. We’re essentially trying to mimic life in utero.


So here I am. Pierce is 8 weeks old. I’m currently struggling with finding a balance between baby cuddles + a well rested infant, engaging Kaelyn and getting stuff done. Struggling to find time for myself, to find a balance between sleeping when the kids sleep and having a few moments to myself. This is Motherhood at its core, isn’t it? It’s all about finding a balance that works for you and your family. And once you find something that works, these kids switch it up on you; it’s a constant learning curve. I just remind myself daily that it won’t be forever, to soak up these sweet baby cuddles every chance I get. The days are long but the years are short. We’re all in this together. And years from now, we’ll look back at these times and smile. But until then, I hope you find your balance and hold on tight for the ride.








One thought on “The Fourth Trimester

  1. 4th trimester – I struggled more with it then my newborn. I think she was ready for the outside world, but I wasn’t. I wanted to swaddle. I wanted to co-sleep. I wanted more time. She was ready, but I wasn’t. I wanted one more trimester.


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