Weekend Vibes + Finding Your Tribe

Impromptu Blog Post! Heyo!

You guys! My best friend Elyse from Kentucky came to visit this weekend!! And man, was it great to see her. Would you believe me if I told y’all I’ve only ever hung out with her three times in the span of our 4 year friendship?

4 years ago, I found out I was expecting my first child in early March. Clueless, I downloaded the What to Expect App. Through the online community I managed to find a Facebook group; December 2012 Babies. The group was filled with soon to be moms expecting children at the same time. I made some amazing friends. But there was an opinionated, beautiful, stubborn, intelligent, super friendly and all around badass woman I met in there, and we immediately gravitated towards each other. Some souls just understand each other upon meeting, and that couldn’t be more true for us. We spoke daily, and when the kids were 6 months old her crazy ass drove down 10 hours to vacation with a person she’d never met at the beach. Lucky for her I’m not a giant creeper. Ha!
Can you believe how little and squishy our kids were?! Gah! I’ve only seen Elyse once since that first visit; kids, jobs, husbands, life in general keep us busy, and money (for travel) doesn’t grow on trees. BOOO. We talk and text daily, though, and it works. Buuuuuuut we finally wised up and realized she could fly here for an incredibly affordable price through Allegiant Air! So she hopped on a plane by herself and came for the weekend! And oh the shenanigans we got into. I love this girl and couldn’t imagine life without her. She’s my soul mate. My person.




The moral of this short and sweet post is to find your tribe! Whether it be in your home town or online, the support from others who genuinely ‘get you’ is invaluable. For mothers to be wondering if every ache and pain they’re feeling is normal. For new mothers wondering if their child’s poop is an okay color. For mothers of toddlers who need potty training tips, sleep advice, disciplining advice (lets be real, this list could go on forever since we’re talking about toddlers here). For mothers dealing with indescribable stress or loss and need a shoulder to lean on. Go find your people. You know, the ones that make you feel the most you. The ones that lift you up and make you remember who you really are. The ones that remind you that a blip in the road is just that, a blip. They are the ones that when you walk out of a room, they make you feel like a better person than when you walked in. They are the ones that even if you don’t see them face to face as often as you’d like, you see them heart to heart. You know, that kind of tribe.

Who’s your tribe?



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